Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kopsa Otte CPA's and Advisors

Kopsa Otte CPA's & Advisors, LLC is a progressive Certified Public Accountant firm with over twenty staff members, including five Certified Public Accountants. 
The firm, located in York, Neb., provides accounting and financial services to the public by offering tax preparation, year-end tax planning, estate planning, retirement, and financial planning, computerized accounting, personal computer consulting, business payroll tax and labor issues, payroll check-writing, and planning for succession or sale of a business.

   Kopsa Otte CPA's & Advisors are a dynamic organization that traces its origins back to the 1950's.Their mission is to best serve their clients by helping them to obtain maximum success and strive to be the kind of firm with which clients, other professionals, and their employees are proud to associate. The firm has found, "a lot wonderful clients from Exeter and the surrounding communities," said partner Larry Kopsa.

   Kopsa Otte CPA's & Advisors have some of their roots in Exeter.  Larry Kopsa still considers Exeter his "home town" because you know, "once an Eagle always an Eagle!"  To contact Kopsa Otte CPA's & Advisors call their offices at 402-362-6636.

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